29 de agosto de 2014

recreation and reuse...

Superuse Studios is a Rotterdam based architecture office that utilises the contextual potential for design. A design is not considered as the beginning of a linear process but as a phase in a continuous cycle of creation and recreation, use and reuse.
The latent properties of used materials and products offer an added value to new products and buildings.  Superuse Studios re-use as an integrated design strategy called ‘superuse’. The reuse concept applies to building materials as well as to energy supplies, human resources, water, traffic and food cycles. They develop strategies for cities to connect different loops, while integrating these processes into the existing urban environment.

At the core of their planning, Superuse Studios develop so-called "harvest maps" for each project, which they use to source possible potentially useful waste materials from old buildings and sites in the local area. This does not just help businesses deal with the problem of unwanted waste, but also significantly reduces transport and fuel costs.
There are no limits to the model. The architects have designed everything from single homes to offices, playgrounds and cafes. Waste materials have included parts from decommissioned aeroplanes, washing machines, tyres and billboards.

27 de agosto de 2014

if you build it...

If You Build It” follows designer-activists Emily Pilloton and Matthew Miller (both from Studio H) to rural Bertie County, the poorest in North Carolina, where they work with local high school students to help transform both their community and their lives. Living on credit and grant money and fighting a change-resistant school board, Pilloton and Miller lead their students through a year-long, full-scale design and build project that does much more than just teach basic construction skills: it shows ten teenagers the power of design-thinking to re-invent not just their town but their own sense of what's possible.

If You Build It is a full-length documentary film that chronicles the students, projects, and work of Studio H high school design/build program. Made by  Patrick Creadon and Christine O’Malley, If You Build It tells the stories of 13 students from Bertie County, North Carolina, who dreamed up a beautiful solution that would change the face of their hometown, then went out and built all 2,000 square feet of it.

 Studio H is an in-school design/build class for 8th-11th grade students. First launched in Bertie County, NC and now based at Realm Charter School in Berkeley, CA, Studio H students apply their core subject learning to design and build audacious and socially transformative projects. Students of Studio H have previously dreamed up, designed, and constructed a 2000-square-foot farmers market pavilion, a pop-up park, laser-etched skateboards, sculptural concrete public furniture, roadside farmstands, and more. Through experimentation, non-stop production, tinkering, and a lot of dirt under their fingernails, students develop the creative capital, critical thinking, and citizenship necessary for their own success and for the future of their communities.

25 de agosto de 2014


Created by Megan McShane

The tragic story of a spare tire who struggles to find a new purpose.
Official selection at Hamburg Animation Film Festival, Animation Block Party, and Blue Plum Animation Festival.

Type by Greg Mako
Music by Lichen
Sound design and mix by Keith Ukrisna

18 de agosto de 2014

rebel architecture...

Premiering on August 18th, a new six-part series on ‘Rebel Architecture’ features architects who are “shunning the glamour of ‘starchitecture’ and using design to tackle the world’s urban, environmental and social crises.” Created and produced by Daniel Davies for Al Jazeera English, each half-hour documentary uncovers the work of six architects tackling pressing issues head on. 

This series challenges our conceptions of architecture and design, and the way we cover them in the media”, Giles Trendle, Director of Programmes at Al Jazeera English. 

Launching on Mondays at 10:30pm GMT, each episode will air 8 times throughout the week of transmission and will be archived on YouTube.

The first episode of Al Jazeera’s highly anticipated ‘Rebel Architecture’ series premieres today at 11:30pm BST(6:30pm ET / 3:30pm PT) on the programme’s website. Created and produced by Daniel Davies, the series kicks off with “Guerilla Architect” Santiago Cirugeda, the legendary self-build Spanish architect who is attempting to turn an abandoned factory into a vibrant cultural centre. 

Santiago Cirugeda, Seville’s most subversive architect, has dedicated his career to reclaiming urban spaces for the public. In austerity-hit Spain, where the state has retreated and around 500,000 new buildings lie empty, “people are doing things their own way,“ says Cirugeda. “In times of crisis, people come together to find collective solutions.” With his expert knowledge of urban planning legislation, Santiago isn’t afraid to “occupy”, or squat, abandoned space and uses his knowledge of the law to enable community building. “Self-building hasn’t been legalised in Spain, so any architect taking on this problem has to take on civil and criminal liability” he says, referring to the logistical issues he faces whilst working on the edges of the law. “Sometimes we do things that are illegal, but we’re not doing anyone any harm. On the contrary, we’re doing it to benefit more people. The decision to work illegally means a different approach.” His buildings are often fast-build, mobile structures made from recycled materials – design for Cirugeda is about matching available materials with the skills of those keen to build it. The key is that they serve a social function, which Santiago thinks contemporary architecture has lost sight of in its obsession with the aesthetic. We follow him as he takes on his biggest task yet, saving a huge abandoned cement factory, and negotiating with the authorities to let his National Architects’ Collective turn it into a vibrant cultural centre.

If you are not able to watch it today, the show will be airing throughout the week (use this time converter to find your local time):
Tue Aug 19 10:30am BST
Wed Aug 20 4:30am BST
Thu Aug 21 4:30pm BST
Fri Aug 22 8:30pm BST
Sat Aug 23 3:30pm BST
Sun Aug 24 5:30am BST
The following five episodes will premiere on Mondays through September 22nd.
Week of August 18, 2014
Guerrilla Architect” on Santiago Cirugeda
Santiago Cirugeda is a legend of Spanish self-build but can his collective approach turn an abandoned factory into a vibrant cultural centre?
Week of August 25, 2014
A Traditional Future on Yasmeen Lari
Pakistani architect Yasmeen Lari uses traditional building techniques to rebuild villages in the flood damaged Sindh Valley.
Week of September 1, 2014
The Architecture of Violence” on Eyal Weizman
Eyal Weizman explains architecture’s key role in the Israeli occupation of Palestine and the evolution of urban warfare.
Week of September 8, 2014
Greening the City” on Vo Trong Nghia
Vo Trong Nghia attempts to return greenery to Vietnam’s choking cities and design cheap homes for those excluded from Vietnam’s rapid growth.
Week of September 15, 2014
Working on Water” on Kunlé Adeyemi
Nigerian Architect Kunlé Adeyemi sets out to solve the issues of flooding and overcrowding in Nigeria’s waterside slums with floating buildings.

Week of September 22, 2014
The Pedreiro and the Master Planner” on Ricardo
Ricardo makes his living as an informal builder in Rio’s Rocinha; but the government has a different plan for the future of the favelas.

13 de agosto de 2014

Art is Tra$h...

by Francisco de Pájaro

¨El Arte es Basura, es un grito desesperante, efímero y constante hacia la gilipollez humana. Pinto contra el capitalismo salvaje, la codicia, la vanidad y el egoísmo. Siento que me ha tocado vivir en una época y un sistema que no encaja en mi al estar muy alejado de mis ideales. La única razón por la que cambiaría mi discurso es pintar para causas benéficas y para la educación de los niños, nuestro futuro. Por otro lado, mi fuerza, mi fragilidad y mi alma es la de un guerrero que lucha con el poder de las pinturas, mis armas de auto-defensa. La mayor parte de mi trabajo está dedicado a todos los indígenas del Continente Americano, mis héroes, donde fueron engañados, masacrados y asesinados. Y a día de hoy, en el siglo XXI abandonados y marginados. Art is Trash, se rebela ante todos vosotros, ante todos los que miran hacia otro lado, hacia los que caminan envenenados con los ojos pegados a un teléfono móvil, y a los que prefieren mirar los escaparates de una gran tienda de moda, o admirar las aberrantes arquitecturas de las grandes ciudades. El Arte es Basura, es una acción desobediente ante todas las adversidades que mis ojos pueden ver y mi cabeza comprender. Aprovecho este supuesto ¨arte¨ como un arma anti-estético de destrucción masiva hacia el salvajismo humano, la ignorancia e intolerancia de nuestra sociedad, de este comprobado y devastador progreso humano.
En la calle, la intención capital es pintar mal y rápido, para que el veneno visual sea letal a todas las personas que se sientan aludidas. ARTISTAS engreídos que no pintan y no dicen nada, escritores territoriales urbanos y envidiosos incluidos.¨
¨Esto no es arte, es Art is Tra$h, otra gilipollez humana¨

11 de agosto de 2014

two pinhole movies...

projects by Romain Alary & Antoine Levi, both photographers and cameraman...
Stenop.es is an experimental visual project using a primitive technique: The Camera Obscura. Applied to an original scale, the project is based on projection from the outside to the inside. Two layers are merging while the landscapes takes place in the interiors intimacy. Projections are taking place everywhere inside.‬


(Music: Hanni El Khatib - Build Destroy Rebuild)


Stenop.es is looking for amazing places in order to continue its visual work. 
Contribute now on ‬www.stenop.es

Music by Digi G'Alessio
Mail: stenop.esproject@gmail.com

5 de agosto de 2014

contra Natura...

por Dino Buzzati

«Para definir los delitos y los vicios más horrorosos se ha adoptado la etiqueta: “contra Natura”. Y pensar que el hombre hace todo lo posible por liberarse de la Naturaleza. Vestimos contra Natura, vivimos contra Natura, viajamos contra Natura, durante todo el día hacemos lo contrario de lo que la Naturaleza nos aconsejaría. Justamente presumimos de esa autonomía, la prueba de nuestra superioridad sobre los animales. Y cuanto más avanza el progreso, más se agudiza ese alejamiento de la Naturaleza.
Incluso en las relaciones entre hombre y mujer, por otra parte, ay de nosotros si no fuésemos contra Natura. No hay nada más contra Natura, por ejemplo, que el matrimonio. Si hiciese caso a la Naturaleza, el hombre cambiaría de mujer cada estación; y viceversa.

Título original: Siamo spiacenti di… Un inedito e spietato zibaldone di paradossi e di aforismi.
1975 Oscar Mondadori
[Traducción de Sonsoles Martínez de Orense]

1 de agosto de 2014

numbers always lead to pain...

Sometimes the less you know, the better...

Written by: Matias Caruso
DOP: Colin Lee
Sound: Samuel Jurkovic
Edit: Filip Vesely
Cast: Heejin Jung, Woogun Park

Nominated to the Czech Academy Award 2012 (Czech Lion)
Cannes Court Métrage
Visegrad Shorts On Tour - Best Picture
Les Enfants Terribles - Press Jury Prize
Show Me Shorts (Academy Awards accredited) - Best International Film Finalist
Dresden Film Fest - Jury Special mention
Gijon IFF (Academy Awards accredited) - Official selection
Klapka 2013 - Best Picture, Best Screenplay
Badalona IFF - Official Selection
Fresh Film Fest - Fresh Czech Official Selection
MFSF 2012 - Official Selection
AIFF 2012 - Official Selection
Golden Anteaters - Masters of Short Form - Official Selection