20 de diciembre de 2010

the egg home in Beijing

The twenty-four years old recent architecture school graduated, Dai Haifei, has designed and lived in this "egg" mobile home for the last two months. Being unable to afford Beijing’s sky-high rental prices he build, helped by his friends, this 3 meters long, 2 meters wide and 2 meters high egg shaped home constructed from basket woven bamboo splints. It is covered by a patchwork of small sacks containing seeds of grass with woods chips that will grow to eventually provide insulation. On the top lies a solar panel that provides power to a single inside lamp. The internal functioning of the little house is supported by storage battery. Although there's no kitchen, a water pump system stored under the bed can keep water for basic washing for about three days. An opening in the ceiling for natural day light and ventilation.  The wheels under the hut make it movable. 

He moved the house steps away from his office,on a sidewalk in Haidian District in Beijing, where he would stay until midnight before going to sleep inside the "egg". There's only one bed, a water tank and a lamp inside the house. He wanted to have a house of his own.


After two months it was ordered removed by city managers who said it didn't conform to housing standards, according to the Beijing Review.

14 de diciembre de 2010

Playing for change...

La Garriga is playing for change too...

La Garriga... Somewhere over de rainbow...

Al conocer la iniciativa de la fundación  Playing for Change un grupo de amigos de La Garriga, localidad de la provincia de Barcelona, decidió llevar a cabo este proyecto musical intentando involucrar a los artistas del pueblo y a los vecinos, que en las sesiones de rodaje del vídeo les dejaban "enchufar" sus equipos...

Playing for Change nace en el verano de 2001 con el encuentro de dos amigos con una idea común: grabar un documental a lo largo de los Estados Unidos con la "música callejera" como hilo conductor. Con el tiempo el proyecto salta las fronteras y comienza a recorrer el mundo. En su paso por Sudáfrica se transforma en la Fundación Playing for Change -PFC- y de ahí nace la Ntonga Music School que ofrece una alternativa a los jóvenes de Gugulethu Township lejos de la violencia de las calles... En la actualidad el proyecto sigue su rodadura musical por el mundo... Su camino no los ha llevado todavía por España pero en La Garriga se han adelantado y les han hecho llegar su contribución y su pequeño homenaje. Los de Playing for Change han aplaudido esta iniciativa y parece que La Garriga será parada obligatoria de este movimiento multimedia a su paso por España.

6 de diciembre de 2010

biggâr...the world’s largest interactive sculpture

Concept & implementation by:   Sander Veenhof 
Launched November 18th 2010 at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
Current expansion into the universe: 17.99 meters
Interactions from 88 countries so far...

Biggâr consist of 7.463.185.678 virtual blocks encapsulating the whole earth, a huge  virtual sculpture around the world. These blocks are located in a virtual rigid pattern all over the world, allowing to view the piece from anywhere. The project is expanding by one meter each day so that at some point, the blocks will be so high in the sky that they are not visible anymore. Viewers have to view Biggâr quickly, before it expands out of sight.

The Biggâr sphere is also the biggest interactive artwork in the world, making it an instant collaborative augmented space through a continuous series of color changing acts by individuals worldwide. There is a registry in real time at Biggâr web that follows the continuos color change and where and who in the world made it...The interaction is only possible with a particular mobile phone...what makes the interaction kind of restricted...Anyway it's another beautiful idea involving the whole world just by pushing a botton.