26 de febrero de 2014

Israeli Apartheid Week 2014...

Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions-BDS movement:
«For decades, Israel has denied Palestinians their fundamental rights of freedom, equality, and self-determination through ethnic cleansing, colonization, racial discrimination, and military occupation. Despite abundant condemnation of Israeli policies by the UN, other international bodies, and preeminent human rights organisations, the world community has failed to hold Israel accountable and enforce compliance with basic principles of law. Israel’s crimes have continued with impunity.»

Israeli Apartheid Week (IAW) is an international series of events that seeks to raise awareness about Israel’s apartheid policies towards the Palestinians and to build support for the growing Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) campaign.

UK and US: February 24-March 2

Europe: March 1-8

Palestine: March 8 – 15

South Africa: March 10-16

Brazil: March 24-28

Arab world and Asia: TBA

Check out apartheidweek.org for the full call out, to find out more about how to participate and check out the list of events

25 de febrero de 2014

Growing Underground...

The urban farm project Growing Underground is located in tunnels beneath the London Underground's Northern Line that were originally built as air-raid shelters during the Second World War. They produce nine micro greens (plants that are harvested at the seedling stage ) and three normal herbs. Intent on demonstrating that it is possible to operate a commercial urban farm with a minimal carbon footprint, the entrepreneurs plan to transform 2.5 hectares of the disused air-raid shelter into growing space that will supply produce to London businesses, reducing the amount of food miles "from farm to floor".

20 de febrero de 2014

the treetop walkway:

its construction at the Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden (South Africa) will be finish by March and with the formal opening to the public in April. 

The walkway meanders through the Arboretum, also known as the Enchanted Forest, in the Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden. The 130 metre long walkway is made from galvanised steel and timber, and will stretch 11 metres above the ground. Due to the snake-like twisting, the skeletal structure and its position above the trees, the walkway has been given the nickname ‘Boomslang’.

Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden, against the eastern slopes of Cape Town’s Table Mountain, there are over 7 000 species in cultivation, including many rare and threatened species. Kirstenbosch lies in the heart of the Cape Floristic Region, also known as the Cape Floral Kingdom. In 2004 the Cape Floristic Region, including Kirstenbosch, was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site – another first for Kirstenbosch, it is the first botanic garden in the world to be included within a natural World Heritage Site. Kirstenbosch is the largest of a country-wide network of nine National Botanical Gardens administered by the South African National Biodiversity Institute (SANBI)

The pathway will wind and curve through the branches and tree trunks in much the same way as a boomslang or tree snake would do.
  • The structure is comprised of a structural spine and ribs, inspired by the form of a snake’s skeleton.
  • When completed, the walkway will take visitors from the forest floor through the foliage of the tree tops and eventually ascend above the canopy to give spectacular views across the mountain.
  • It will be 11 meters above the ground.
  • The walkway is envisioned as a sinuous, lightweight, non-intrusive steel structure.
  • It will have a slatted timber deck.
  • The galvanised steel structure will be painted to attract moss and growth.
  • The structure will be supported  by steel columns intertwined with creepers.

17 de febrero de 2014

(my) beautiful Madrid...

Madrid City with only aerial footage from different places of the city by using a DJI Phantom equipment.
contact: info@cromatica45.com

13 de febrero de 2014

building with clay in community...

Diébédo Francis Kéré, architect.

People are the basis of every piece of work”

Kéré Architecture is a small firm based in Berlin, Germany, with an affiliate in Burkina Faso to survey the construction sites in Africa. Founded in 2005, Kéré Architecture is a team of eight people coming from all over the world. The office philosophy is building with the smallest energy footprint and reaching the upmost benefit for its user. Kéré Architecture is seeking to create economic and ecological building solutions for local situations in a global context.

10 de febrero de 2014

Biblioteca Abierta...

"PROYECTO COLECTIVO es una plataforma creativa para la producción contemporánea. Un equipo abierto, multidisciplinar y cambiante. Existe una estructura fija pero mayoritariamente está constituido por profesionales en tránsito, son alianzas estratégicas que buscan el cruce entre distintas disciplinas y existen gracias a la rotación. La visión de esta plataforma se despliega en varias aristas:

1.- La integración del arte, la arquitectura y el diseño urbano en propuestas que desarrollen estos tres espacios bajo una mirada común. 

2.- La participación de especialistas, de estudiantes y miembros de una comunidad que pueden hacer del proyecto un espacio de intercambio de experiencia y conocimientos. 

3.- La innovación en materiales, formas y medios que permitan hacer de las propuestas un espacio para la experimentación, donde los productos y los procesos tienen el mismo valor. 

Es un proyecto siempre en formación, que se desplaza apropiándose del lugar donde la obra se desenvuelve. El norte está en el desarrollo de proyectos urbanos, intervenciones de gran formato capaces de generar un aporte tangible en la ciudad. Es un colectivo de proyectos abiertos, autorías complejas y modelos participativos. El intercambio de conocimiento es la base de estas estructuras, haciendo de sus procesos un producto plástico con un fin social."